Radovich & Porcelli - Maritime Law

The Law Firm Radovich & Porcelli was founded in 2012 as an independent Firm specialized in Maritime Law, continuing the extended professional practice of its Members, who are very expert in legal issues related to ocean and brown waters navigation. Its area of practice includes liabilities of Owners and Disponent Owners of vessels, both contractual and in tort. In the first aspect the practice include contracts of building and sale of ships, COAs or Volume Contracts, charter parties and bills of lading, contracts of pilotage, of towage, Hull and Machinery, cargo and P&I. In the other hand, we are highly qualified in the handling of collision and allision cases, salvage and general average. The Firm has also expertise in the management of pollution hazards.
The Law Firm is very skilled in the regulation and particularities of the brown waters navigation in the Hidrovía Paraguay-Paraná, which is very important for the region. 
Considering the changes due to the modern logistic operation, the Firm has extended its practice to areas not strictly related to Maritime Law, such as multimodal transport, land and air carriage and port terminal liabilities. However, Maritime Law remains being the central area of our practice.

Radovich & Porcelli - Characteristics of the Law Firm

We neither are nor intend to be a great impersonal company. We handle the cases personally and with an artisanal criterion. You never will find bureaucracy or intermediation. We could be defined as a “Boutique Law Firm”. Clients will always be attended by Messrs. Radovich or Porcelli personally.
We are always prepared to board a vessel in distress to assist the Master and the crew to declare before the Maritime Authority and to help and to protect Owners, Charterers and the crew itself. We have a team of experienced lawyers that are in close control of the judicial files and the best team of experts in navigation, naval engineers, and accountants. Nevertheless, we always prefer a negotiated solution than a costly and extended lawsuit. Recently we have successfully used arbitration proceedings in Buenos Aires. Mr. Radovich is one of the most respected Arbitrators in Navigation Law and has intervened in the mayor arbitration dispute in the Paraguay Paraná Hidroway.